Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, and the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the universe. Low-temperature plasma has been successfully used in many industrial applications, including capacitively coupled plasmas (CCP), inductively coupled plasmas (ICP), magnetron sputtering (MS), microdischarges, electric propulsion, plasma-liquid iteractions, ion sources, plasma medicines, etc. New plasma sources and applications are still emerging. Albeit research and innovation in this area are challenging, plasma simulation provides a promising path forward in addition to diagnosis and theory.

I am a computational plasma scientist. My research interest is to develop practical plasma simulation software, and through plasma simulation combined with theoretical analysis, to improve the understanding of various discharge mechanisms and develop new plasma-based applications.

Electron dynamics during one RF period in RFMS.
Zheng et al, PSST 30, 035019 (2021)

Bocong Zheng

  • (2018– ) Scientist
  • (2017) Postdoc, Michigan State University
  • (2016) Ph.D., Dalian University of Technology

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